Neighbourhood Nottingham

We want to improve the way Nottingham feels for people living, working and visiting here and encourage families to live in the city. We will work with partners and local people to Transform Neighbourhoods to achieve radical change in our most deprived communities.

Over the last four years we have set out to achieve this by investing in every neighbourhood. We have funded major improvements in our parks, play areas, leisure and sport facilities, council housing and local shopping centres. We have invested in pavement repairs, security work, environmental maintenance, road improvements and supported hundreds of community groups.

We have also made a di!erence by investing in our neighbourhood management. We’ve set up Neighbourhood Teams to build on the successful work of our Area Committees and to involve local residents in delivering public services. Neighbourhood working has developed to include local Community Safety Partnerships, where people come together to resolve crime problems, one-stop shops for Council services and Neighbourhood Policing.

We have done this because we know that if communities are to succeed, they require more than a series of council services no matter how e”ciently delivered. The role of a Labour Council therefore is not to do everything for everyone. Nor is it to withdraw from communities and leave the voluntary sector, unsupported, to fill the vacuum as the Conservatives would. Rather it is to create the right conditions and to provide the support to enabling local people to become independent, aspiring yet responsible members of their community.

To find out more about Nottingham Labour’s Manifesto and plans for Neighbourhoods in Nottingham down load our PDF HERE