Safer Nottingham

Knowing that you are safe in your home and your
community is so important. Without a safe city,
businesses will not invest; people who can will leave
and those who remain won’t be able to enjoy their lives
in our great city.

Nottingham Labour, in partnership with the Police,
Community Protection and local people, has made
reducing crime and anti-social behaviour a key priority
over the last 4 years, with some impressive results.
We’ve maintained 100 Community Protection Ofcers
in our neighbourhoods, helping to keep local people
safe and promote the kind of city we want to see.
Fewer people have been victims of crime, with a 14%
reduction since 2011, and anti-social behaviour is
down by 50%.

Nottingham Labour has listened to the concerns of
local people, taking steps to ban street drinking across
the city to help make communities safer and more
family-friendly. We’ve also been working with the police
to stop of-licences from selling to those who are drunk
or underage, and we’ve used our licensing powers
to limit the number of casinos and sex-shops, whilst
encouraging small venues and restaurants.

We want to see even fewer victims of crime in our city,
and further reductions in anti-social behaviour over the
next 4 years, and we are committed to working with
the Police to deliver this.

To find out more about Nottingham Labour’s Manifesto and plans to keep Nottingham safe download our PDF HERE