Student Nottingham

Nottingham is one of the most diverse, integrated and welcoming cities in the UK and one of the best places to be a student. Our city has lots to offer students and recent graduates with thriving live music, theatre and dance scenes. The city centre nightlife is nationally renowned and has won a ‘purple flag’ for the past four years in recognition of the safe, clean and enjoyable experience it offers. Nottingham also has beautiful parks, award-winning public transport, miles of car-free cycle tracks and the highest number of independent retail stores outside London. Labour councillors work closely with elected officers from both the students’ unions and have campaigned together on several issues including extending CCTV coverage, encouraging recycling of waste and making cycling easier and safer. We’ve also been successful in securing free parking permits for students on healthcare placements outside of the city. Drawing on the Nottingham Student Manifesto written by students from both universities and New College Nottingham, this following document sets out our ambition to make Nottingham an even better place to be a student, and somewhere that more students choose to stay after they graduate.

To find out more about Nottingham Labour’s Manifesto and plans for Students in Nottingham down load our PDF HERE