Young Nottingham

Education has been Nottingham Labour’s top priority ever since the City Council took control of the Education service in 1998. At that time, just 26% of the City youngsters left school with 5 good GCSE grades – the minimum requirement to move on into further and higher education. Just twelve years on, 72% of school leavers are now reaching that standard. Our schools are well-led and record numbers of children are staying on in education to get the skills that will get them a decent standard of living and meet the needs of local business. We have also introduced skill-based learning to equip pupils for the world of work and are supporting hundreds of apprenticeships in di!erent trades. However, our vision for young people goes way beyond schools and includes, Sure Start Children’s Centres and Youth activities. That’s because we know that to improve the health, behaviour and learning of our most disadvantaged children we must intervene during their early years. We want to involve and help support parents and carers in bringing up their children and based on the evidence of drawn from a range of pilot projects run throughout the City, build on Nottingham’s reputation as a national leader in what we call “Early Intervention.” Finally, we have, over the last four years, rebuilt and renovated many of our schools and had been promised funding to replace most of those that remained, providing decent places for children to learn and teachers to teach in. The new Conservative and Liberal Democrat government has broken that promise, taking £94 million from Nottingham’s schools, teachers and children. Local Conservative and Liberal Democrat Councillors said the money wasn’t needed and that the cuts are justified. They’re wrong and Nottingham Labour will continue to campaign for the investment our schools need and that parents and pupils want and deserve. Our Primary School Capital Programme has renovated 6 schools across the city – now this is under threat from the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Government.

To find out more about Nottingham Labour’s Manifesto and plans for Young Poeple in Nottingham down load our PDF HERE