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Nottingham Labour

Manifesto 2019 – Living in Nottingham

There are many things about Nottingham that make it a great place to live, work, learn and have fun. We have the best public transport in the UK outside of London, many affordable and good quality homes and a wealth of green and beautiful parks and open spaces enjoyed by thousands of Nottingham residents.

We have a strong record on making Nottingham a better place to live. Some of our best achievements since 2015 have been:

  • Introduced a selective licensing scheme, meaning that 97% of private rented homes in the city are now regulated and standards are on the up.
  • 2500 homes that Nottingham people can afford to rent or buy built or in progress.
  • Invested £1.2 million in 23 play areas across the city.
  • Introduced energy efficiency measures to more council homes, including solar panels to a further 1366 homes and secured over £4.8 million to fund further improvements.
  • Created an integrated oyster style transport tickets, the Robin Hood Card, which is now used by more than 50,000 people.

We’re proud of Nottingham and we want to keep making our city an even better, more exciting place to live. Over the next 4 years, Nottingham Labour wants to help make our city an ever better place to live.

  • Provide settled homes as emergency accommodation for homeless people instead of bed and breakfasts and introduce a “no first night out” policy for rough sleepers to ensure no one need sleep rough in Nottingham.
  • Fill 50,000 potholes, replace 250 pavements and resurface 100 roads.
  • Complete the development of and reopen Nottingham Castle as major national heritage attraction.
  • Deliver an annual kerbside collection of unwanted bulky waste items for every resident.
  • Double the number of residents using Robin Hood Energy and continue to provide extra discounts for those who live in the city.

Download a full copy of the Nottingham Labour 2019 manifesto.