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Nottingham Labour

Manifesto 2019 – Respect for Nottingham

Nottingham Labour remains committed to reducing crime and anti-social behaviour and encouraging different communities to live together and get on well. Here are some of our achievements since 2015 to help keep people safer:

  • 100 Community Protection Officers working across all wards of the city.
  • Reduced the number of repeat victims of domestic violence down by more than a third.
  • Increased the reporting of hate crime by 89%.
  • Protected Environmental Health Officers from cuts, making sure Nottingham’s restaurants are properly regulated and inspected.
  • Ensured Nottingham City Homes take a tough line on tenants involved in drug dealing, knife and gun crime.

Nottingham Labour wants to work with the Police to achieve our mutual vision of a safer Nottingham and believe now we are far better placed than 4 years ago to do just that. To keep Nottingham people safer, some of the things we will do include:

  • Create a dedicated noise nuisance hotline and respond to complaints of noisy neighbours in 48 hours.
  • Work with at least 500 young people each year at risk of becoming involved in gangs and knife crime or at risk of exploitation.
  • Campaign to increase the number of Police Officers and PCSOs on Nottingham’s streets.
  • Host an extensive programmes of community events and activities to bring people together in every neighbourhood, reflecting and celebrating our diversity.
  • Create a Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy,working with our partners including the Police, transport providers and venues to address the safety of women and girls in their homes and their communities.

Download the full Nottingham Labour 2019 manifesto.