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Nottingham Labour

Conservative Government Has Reduced Funding to Nottingham by Three Quarters Since 2013

Since 2013 the Conservative Government has cut its main source of funding to Nottingham from £127 million to just £25 million. At the same time the cost of care for the elderly and vulnerable young people is rising, meaning the Conservative Government is making Nottingham people pay more for less.

What makes this worse and totally unfair is the blatant favouring by Government of affluent southern areas which have received much more in grants despite areas like Nottingham needing it more. They have also received special grants to soften the blow of cuts which places like Nottingham need more but missed out on altogether. Following the Government’s £300 million of extra ‘transition funding’ announced in 2016, which overwhelmingly benefitted more affluent councils in the South, the Government last year proposed ‘negative RSG’ compensation worth £153 million with a rigged criteria which saw 85% of it going to Conservative controlled authorities predominantly in the South East and South West.

This year alone Nottingham is being forced by the Government to make £22m of savings over the next three years, which will have a series a significant impact on local services. Though we have continued to carry out a range of commercial activities which bring in over £20m a year to offset the cuts and key services that many councils are cutting are being protected as much as possible here in Nottingham, including children’s centres and libraries, tackling crime and anti-social behaviour, keeping the city clean, protecting children and supporting vulnerable elderly people, every year it is becoming harder.