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Nottingham Labour

Robert Aitken

Councillor Neghat Khan statement on Commissioner Henry

Caroline Henry Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire is the latest Tory politician who believes that the rules don’t apply to her. She has been caught speeding five times in four months and now she’s been banned for 6 months and fined £2,450. She campaigned on a promise of cracking down on speeding, and listening to the public on safety. It is very clear that Commissioner Henry feels as though the standards she applies to others aren’t relevant to her.

Image of tram and group cyclists at crossing

Clean Air Day

Today marks Clean Air Day. This day seeks to highlight the dangers and impact of air pollution as well as seeking to improve air quality. In Nottingham City we are particularly focussing on idling vehicles, an issue which is easily preventable and which every driver in the city can tackle.