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Nottingham Labour

Manifesto 2019-2023

In 2015 Nottingham Labour set out an ambitious vision for a city with quality jobs, good schools, excellent public transport and top-class leisure facilities as well as affordable housing, manageable livings costs and clean, safe community. It received an overwhelming mandate from Nottingham people with 52 Labour councillors elected out of 25. The manifesto contained 202 commitments and in the last 4 years 178 have been delivered in full. This is despite the context of continued cuts by the Conservatives, cutting Nottingham’s Revenue Support Grant by more than £100 million since 2014.

Nottingham Labour’s 2019 manifesto recognises this ongoing challenge and unfairness but maintains an ambitious programme to bring about positive change for the city. It sets out a vision to build a safer, cleaner city where all its residents have opportunities to prosper and reach their full potential.

Our top 5 pledges if Nottingham Labour win the Council election in May will be:

1. Build or buy 1000 council or social homes for rent.
2. Create 15,000 new jobs for Nottingham people.
3. Build a new Central Library, making it the best children’s library in the UK.
4. Cut crime, and reduce anti-social behaviour by a quarter.
5. Ensure Nottingham is the cleanest big city in England and keep neighbourhoods as clean as the city centre.

Download Nottingham Labour Manifesto 2019