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Nottingham Labour

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II

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On Monday 19th September, the funeral for Queen Elizabeth II was held at Westminster, politicians both national and international attended, alongside the royal family, senior faith leaders and many others. Many people went to London to watch the funeral processions, and millions more watched at home on their televisions. The occasion marked an end of an era, but it was more a time to reflect on the many years of dedicated service that Queen Elizabeth II provided for our nations. She was all to often a symbol of stability in tumultuous times. Most importantly she unified the country regardless of political view.

On Sunday 18th September, the ‘Remembering her Majesty’ event took place in Old Market Square, incorporating the national moment of reflection.

Organised by Nottingham City Council, the multi-faith event included contributions from the Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham, the Rt Rev Paul Williams; local Muslim leader Dr Musharraf Hussain; the Catholic Bishop of Nottingham, the Rt Rev Patrick McKinney; and Senior Pastor at God’s Vineyard, Dr Ezekiel Alawale.

Other contributors included Cllr Angela Kandola representing the Sikh faith Natalia Maziarz, President of Nottingham College Student Union, Dr Musharraf Hussain, Chief Executive of Karimia Institute, Helen Voce, Chief Executive of Nottingham Women’s Centre the City Council’s Chief Executive, Mel Barrett, and the Lord Mayor of Nottingham.

Speakers at the event

The evening started with music from the Hucknall and Linby Mining Community Brass Band and concluded with a minute’s silence observed for the national Moment of Reflection at 8pm.

Leader of the City Council, Councillor David Mellen, said: “It was entirely appropriate to give Nottingham residents the opportunity to remember Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ahead of her funeral tomorrow.
“It’s been clear from the thousands who have signed our Books of Condolence over the past week that she is held in the highest regard. This evening was the city’s way of paying tribute to her dedication and service to the country over seven decades.”

Queen Elizabeth visited Nottingham ten times during her long reign, visiting on each of her jubilees prior to her platinum Jubilee. She opened the Queens Medical Centre and the University of Nottingham Jubilee campus and visited many of the industries that Nottingham is famous for.

Nearly every resident in the city, whether they ever met the Queen or saw her in person, will have memories of her long-lasting reign, it is right that the city and the country has taken time to reflect on and remember her reign. Now we will move forward and welcome the reign of King Charles III.