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Nottingham Labour

A year on: Nottingham continues to stand alongside Ukraine

Today marks the year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This unprovoked attack has resulted in tens of thousands of lives lost, cities and towns destroyed and led to Ukrainian people having to flee their homes to neighbouring countries across Europe.

Members of the Ukrainian community in Nottingham will be taking part in a march and rally in Old Market Square tomorrow afternoon, to mark this sad anniversary. A year may have passed but we are no closer to a resolution to this war. Peace still seems far away. The people of Ukraine have fought and will continue to fight until they have beaten back the Russian army.

Ukrainian flag flies in solidarity over the council house

Nottingham Labour is proud of the solidarity and support of so many across the city for the people of Ukraine. Whether via donations of aid and money, deliveries of blankets, food, medical supplies and basic necessities, or those who have taken the laudable step of opening up their homes to Ukrainian refugees.

War brings out the worst in people. The actions of Russia, of its armies and its people stand testament to that, they have committed unspeakable crimes in Ukraine. But war can also bring out the best in people. The support of the people of Nottingham, the support of NATO and European Countries in giving aid and needed equipment to Ukraine to help them defend themselves, show the best that people can do, the way so much of the international community has unified to stand alongside Ukraine is inspirational.

The work of the Ukrainian Community in Nottingham is also inspirational, and Nottingham Labour would like to pay tribute to them. They have worked tirelessly to support those here in the city and to maintain the key link with those who remain on the frontline.

The war is far from over, but with the support of cities like Nottingham, with support of local communities and with the support of its international friends and allies Ukraine will win, and it will become clear that acts of aggression will always fail in the end. Slava Ukraini