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Nottingham Labour

Trans Day of Visibility


Today marks International Trans Day of Visibility, which is dedicated to celebrating Trans gender non-conforming and non-binary people and their contribution to society as well as to raise awareness of the discrimination still felt worldwide and in the UK.

Trans people’s lives and the issues they face are all too often misunderstood and misrepresented.  
Nottingham Labour is proud to celebrate Trans Day of Visibility. We stand shoulder to shoulder with trans people across Nottingham and internationally. Trans rights are human rights, and anyone in our city should be able to expect respect, dignity and understanding.

But today is also a day of celebration, a time to celebrate the great contribution trans people have made in art, music, and culture, in politics, in science and in every other facet of society.

Nottingham Labour is proud to stand with Stonewall in support transgender rights in the UK. Recently Nottingham Labour Councillor Angharad Roberts received a Stonewall changemaker award which recognises individuals who have done exceptional work to advance LGBTQ+ workplace equality, showing our commitment to advancing LGBTQ+ in Nottingham.

More stories about Trans Day of Visibility can be found on Stonewall but we recommend this great resource: The Truth About Trans