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Nottingham Labour

Nomination of great Labour candidates

Nottingham Labour is proud to announce our 55 candidates for the Nottingham City local elections on Thursday 4 May 2023.

Nottingham Labour represents and stands for all residents, and we are proud our candidates reflect the diversity of our city. Over 50% of our candidates are women and over 50% are from black and minority ethnic backgrounds. This includes the first ever Bangladeshi candidate in Nottingham, Anwar Khan, who is standing in St Ann’s.

Many of our candidates are seeking re-election having already had the experience of being a councillor. Previous leader Graham Chapman is once again standing, bringing with him decades of knowledge in local government. Likewise, former Deputy Leader and councillor for over 30 years, Mike Edwards, is standing again to represent the people of the Meadows. We also have younger and first time candidates like Sam Harris, who is 23 and has been very involved within trade unions and campaigning for better pay and conditions, which will be invaluable as Nottingham Labour seeks to help local people with the cost of living crisis.

Unlike other political parties, all 55 Nottingham Labour candidates live within the city and contribute to the funding of local services we all rely on. They are passionate about Nottingham and will always fight to ensure it gets the best deal, working hard to make the city thrive despite 13 years of neglect from central government. Our candidates will ensure that all residents have a voice that is heard and together we will make Nottingham a cleaner, safer, greener city in which everyone has the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Here is a spotlight on some of our candidates in May:
Castle Ward – Sam Lux and Matt Shannon.

Sam Lux has lived on the Park estate for nearly 5 years, She is passionate about tackling climate change and attended COP26. She will be able to use this experience and passion to help Nottingham towards achieving our ambitious goal of becoming Carbon Neutral by 2028.

Matt Shannon worked through the pandemic developing covid-19 drugs, and will use those skills and dedication to help represent the people of the city. He is committed, understands the issues in the Park, City Centre and Castle Marina and will work hard to make our city better, through achieving the plan to create an new Green Heart at the old Broadmarsh site and opening Nottingham Castle’s grounds in time for the coronation

Clifton West – Seb Wilkins and Hayley Spain

Seb Wilkins works as a town planner and has a great understanding of how local government functions, enabling him to get the best outcomes for the people of Nottingham, He loves this city and its people and wants to give back by speaking up for local residents.

Hayley Spain knows Clifton like the back of her hand, living on the estate, She knows the day to day challenges so many face, especially in the cost of living crisis and will work alongside local MP, community groups and other councillors to ensure local issues important to residents are heard and acted on, so that real improvement is made in the community.

This is just a snapshot of the candidates that will be standing for Nottingham Labour on Thursday 4 May 2023.

If you want hardworking individuals who want to stand up for Nottingham, and fight for the services that all our residents deserve, then vote Labour on Thursday 4 May.
Our full list of candidates is below:
Graham Chapman
Carole McCulloch
Patience Ifediora

Linda Woodings
Nick Raine
Salma Mumtaz

Jay Hayes
Audra Wynter
Georgia Power

Sam Harris
Helen Kalsi
Faith Gakanje-Ajala

Ethan Radford
Maria Joannou
Michael Savage

Bulwell Forest
Cheryl Barnard
Samuel Gardiner
Sarita-Marie Rehman-Wall

Wollaton & Lenton East
Pavlos Kotsonis
Latifimran Jalil
Samina Riaz

Wollaton West
Steve Battlemuch
Sajidah Ahmed
Zafran Nawaz Khan

Clifton West
Seb Wilkins
Hayley Spain

Clifton East
Philip Andrew Spear
Asif Maqsood
Raja Nisar Hussain

Michael Edwards
Eunice Regan

Matt Shannon
Sam Lux

Leen Valley
Audrey Dinnall
Nadia Farhat

Farzana Mahmood
Fozia Mubasher

Gul Nawaz Khan
David Mellen
Neghat Nawaz Khan

Hyson Green & Arboretum
Naim Saqab Salim
Sana Nisar
Liaqat Ali

Adele Williams
Ankunda Matsiko
Nayab Patel

Leslie Ayoola
Sajid Mohammed
Kirsty Jones

St Ann’s
Devontay Okure
Corall Jenkins
Anwar Khan

Angela Kandola
Sulcan Mahmood
Shuguftah Quddoos