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Nottingham Labour

Nottingham Labour Manifesto Launch

Nottingham Labour has today launched our manifesto for 2023-27. You can find our document in full here.

Over the past four-year term we are proud of the achievements we have made despite local and national difficulties, that have affected so many councils across the country.

In the past four years, Nottingham Labour has:

  • Delivered 1023 new affordable homes for Nottingham people, ensuring that they have a good quality home to live in.
  • Created 9,953 new jobs for Nottingham people, allowing people to stay and work in Nottingham, providing so much for the city.
  • Built the new central Library which will open by the end of this year and provide an outstanding children’s library to help inspire a new generation of children to have a love of reading, and to broaden their horizons.
  • Cut anti-social behaviour by 7.4% improving the safety for all residents, so that Nottingham is a safe place to live, work and raise a family.
  • Recruited 7,000 clean champions who regularly litter pick to keep neighbourhoods clean, ensuring Nottingham remains a pleasant, welcoming city to live in.

Those are just some of the things that Nottingham Labour has done since 2019. We have shown that we have a progressive and exciting vision for Nottingham, and that when we make promises to voters we deliver. We protected Welfare Rights services, 75 Community Protection Officers, 6 leisure centres and 15 community libraries.

We are planning to build on the great work we have done since 2019 over the next four years. We will come together to build a better city that is cleaner, greener , safer and has opportunities for everyone to achieve their full potential. Together we can help people with their household bills, build more affordable homes for local people, keep our streets and neighbourhoods clean, support people into work and safeguard our city for future generations by becoming the first carbon neutral city in the country by 2028.

Our top five pledges to you:

  • Help Nottingham People cope with the cost of living crisis,
  • Work with Housing Associations and House Builders to provide 1000 new affordable and social rented homes to rent or buy
  • Keep streets, neighbourhoods and the city clean,
  • Become the first carbon neutral city in the country,
  • Support 3000 Nottingham people into work,

Cllr David Mellen said “Nottingham Labour is ambitious for Nottingham. We have many significant achievements from the last 4 years that we are proud of. Despite challenges, this manifesto lays out the improvements that have been made since 2019 and presents our vision for the next 4 years. Labour is the only party with the vision for Nottingham, the only party that is standing candidates in every seat, and the only party that keeps in touch with voters all year round. All our candidates live in Nottingham and we ask the voters of Nottingham to put their trust in the Labour Party to run the council once more”

These are just some of the many pledges that we have made to the people of Nottingham. Nottingham Labour is committed to fighting for the people of Nottingham and providing the services that will help Nottingham residents and ensure that the city grows and improves, We are the only party in the city with the vision and ability to lead Nottingham into the future. This manifesto launch marks our commitment to the people of Nottingham to enact our pledges so that Nottingham can thrive.