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Nottingham Labour

Opening date for new central library

Nottingham Labour can confirm that there is a date for the opening of the new central library.

This is going to be a thrilling venue not just for the residents of Nottingham but also Nottinghamshire and the wider East Midlands region.

It also constitutes a milestone in the wider regeneration of the south side Broadmarsh area. This will include a play area, situated on part of Collins street, to the north of the new library.

The library will be state of the art, it will a focal point of all of Nottingham’s diverse communities, a library that belongs to the people of Nottingham.

The library will be for everyone with a special focus on the needs of children, with new exciting technologies to make stories and books come alive, like the immersive story telling room. This will help ensure that future generations of Nottingham people will have what they need to develop and thrive.

It is also going to be a place where people can learn about Nottingham’s history, it will be a place of long life learning, as it will include the local studies library.

It will also be a driver of supporting young entrepreneurs and economic development via the Business and Intellectual Property Centre located in it.

The library will include a coffee shop where people can sit and relax, flexible meeting rooms to suit modern working patterns and free availability of Ipads, computers and wifi so all visitors can access the internet.

In summary the library will include :

  • Feature-book walls and shelving to display a large collection of titles
  • Free Wi-Fi and free access to computers, laptops and tablets
  • A café and ground floor reception area which can be converted into a performance space
  • Specialist and rare collections room for local study material
  • Learning lab for special activities and school class visits
  • Meeting rooms
  • Exhibition space
  • Creative design areas
  • Business Intellectual Property Centre for the city.

Cllr Pavlos Kotsonis said “it is privilege to witness this great moment for our city and it’s residents and to be working for a reopening of a new central library on the 28th November. By setting a date to open before the end of the year, we are looking to deliver on one of our key manifesto pledges”