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Nottingham Labour

Councils’ Budget Update Shows the Consequences of Conservative Underfunding and Economic Failure.

The latest report on Nottingham City Councils’ budget position shows the consequences of 13 years of Conservative underfunding and economic failure.

Nottingham City Council receives £100 million less from Government every single year than it did in 2013 – the equivalent of £694 lost for every household in Nottingham. At the same time, demand on council services has been growing with the latest figures showing £18 million more needed this year alone for children and adult social care.

A succession of Conservative Leaders have promised to fix social care with Boris Johnson promising to “fix the crisis in social care once and for all”. The market remains broken though with companies profiteering from the legal responsibility councils have to care for vulnerable children and adults. The 10 largest providers of children’s social care placements made more than £300m in profits last year alone.

These issues are made worse by the Conservatives completely wrecking the UK economy with stagnant growth, low wages and high inflation. The consequence is a national crisis in local authority funding with one in ten local authorities now on the brink of issuing a Section 114 Notice.