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Nottingham Labour

Statement on Rishi Sunaks’ PMQs Comment

As representatives of Nottingham’s communities, we offer our unwavering support for our trans neighbours in the face of the abhorrent remarks made by Rishi Sunak at today’s Prime Minister’s Questions session. For these to be made in front of the mother of Brianna Ghey, who has recently had to relive the loss of her daughter during her killers’ sentencing, reveals the extent to which he has fully removed discussion of trans people from a human issue to one of thoughtless political point scoring. We are glad that Keir Starmer called out the Prime Minister’s attempt at a joke as what it was: shameful.

Trans men are men, trans women are women, and non-binary people are non-binary. This is not difficult to say and yet we consistently see a political environment in which trans people are scapegoated and marginalised. Nottingham supports our trans residents and so does Nottingham Labour. We will continue to engage with LGBTQ+ groups and work to create a city which is safe, welcoming and representative for trans individuals.