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Nottingham Labour


Years of underfunding are hurting local councils

Nottingham Labour have today (18 December) accepted the Section 114 Report issued to Nottingham City Council by the Chief Finance Officer – and agreed the next steps required to reach a balanced in-year budget.

This is a difficult day for Nottingham, but the elected members of the city are committed to working with Chief Finance Officer to provide a credible response to the Section 114, so that we can be part of the solution.

Nottingham Labour responds to Prime Minister

The recent comments made by Rishi Sunak regarding Nottingham City Council are very disappointing, but not unsurprising. He once again is seeking to abdicate responsibility for the actions and failures of this Conservative government.

Local Government is at the brink

Local government finances are beyond repair. Every week, councils are announcing budget deficits that they have no chance of balancing. Major councils such as Birmingham are declaring Section 114’s meaning that they cannot meet their legal obligation of a balanced budget. This is not an issue for just one party. Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat or Independent, all councils are struggling. City councils or County and Borough councils, the issue of local government finance is affecting the whole country.