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Nottingham Labour

Nottingham Labour

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Bust Budget

On Friday the new Chancellor of the Exchequer announced what he described as a mini-budget to help deal with the cost of living crisis. The only thing mini about it was the amount of support it provides to the average family and individual in Britain. This completely un-costed budget, will give out the largest tax cuts since 1972, most of which are aimed at the wealthiest in society. That budget in 1972 lead to a short-lived boom, and a much longer bust, with the infamous three-day week and the failure of key services.

Councillor Neghat Khan statement on Commissioner Henry

Caroline Henry Police and Crime Commissioner for Nottinghamshire is the latest Tory politician who believes that the rules don’t apply to her. She has been caught speeding five times in four months and now she’s been banned for 6 months and fined £2,450. She campaigned on a promise of cracking down on speeding, and listening to the public on safety. It is very clear that Commissioner Henry feels as though the standards she applies to others aren’t relevant to her.